Moutin brothers playing
photo Axelle du Rouret.

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François Moutin - upright bass
Louis Moutin - drums
Manu Codjia - guitar
Jean-Michel Pilc - piano
Christophe Monniot - alto & sopranino saxophone

is the current main project of
François and Louis Moutin





The Moutin brothers will start the year 2018 by inviting

Jean-Michel Pilc and Randy Brecker

 to perform two exceptionnal concerts

PARIS (New Morning) - January 24th

LYON (Opera de Lyon - big hall) - January 27th

François Moutin - upright bass
Louis Moutin - drums
Jean-Michel Pilc - piano
Randy Brecker - trumpet / fluegelhorn

Jean-Michel Pilc and Randy brecker
    Jean-Michel Pilc                       Randy Brecker

In February 2018, they will be on the road (see schedule page)
in Germany and France with the

Moutin Factory Quintet

After more than a decade of worlwide
with the Moutin Reunion Quartet (5 albums out and more than 460 concerts),
the Moutin brother have created this new quintet in 2013 by releasing the album "Lucky People".

The Moutin Factory Quintet has been very active from the start with extensive
in Europe as well as in the US.

In the summer 2016, the band has made a stop at  the festival


where they have performed for the first time on stage
the new material that they had previously recorded in Paris.

n September 2016, they have release 
the second album of the quintet.
This release was abudantly praised by the media from both side of the Atlantic.

Then, during the following year, the band has been on the road including
a three weeks tour in North America (Chicago, New York, Detroit, Columbus, etc...)
and concerts in France and in Belgium.

Simultaneously, in 2017, the Moutin Brother have been in artist's residence
on the region Auvergne. They have took this opportunity to meet two great young saxophone
players - Franck Pilandon and Gaspard Baradel - to form a quartet for some concerts.
This artistic meeting enthused the audience and the brothers who are certainly going to give it a future.
To be followed....

April 2018, will see the

Moutin Factory Quintet

perform in France, including a concert at the famous hall

l'Arsenal in Metz

In May, the brother have a "Carte blanche" at l'Espace Lino Ventura in Athis-Mons
to celebrate 20 years of jazz program.

They will take this opportunity to invite six famous french and american musician
for a concert full of surprises..

Mike Stern - guitar
Emmanuel Bex - keyboards/organ
Eric Lelann - trumpet
Antoine Hervé - piano
Géraldine Laurent - alto saxophone
Manu Codjia - guitar

The next day, they will drive to Dunkerque to play as a trio
with Mike Stern
at the Dunkerque Jazz Club

Last but not least, the

Moutin Factory Quintet

is building its next tour in the USA in the fall 2018

It will go from Chicago on September 21st & 22nd 2018


 New Orleans on September 29th 2018


New York on October 1st 2018



Monk's Medley
bass&dms duet by François Moutin & Louis Moutin


Back in 1999 Louis and Francois Moutin decided to form THE MOUTIN REUNION QUARTET in order to perform their original compositions. They had a common desire: to create music expressing the energy of life; full of emotion and spontaneity - a music close to them, to what they intimately feel, inhabited by Jazz' spirit, swing and grooves, inviting listeners and musicians to celebrate beauty and imagination.

They are sharing this desire with their two outstandingly skilled partners: the amazingly talented pianist Pierre de Bethmann and the immensely gifted saxophonist Rick Margitza. Not only Rick is a former partner of Mr. Miles Davis, but also both he and Pierre can pride themselves on their profoundly creative and extremely successful respective solo careers.

Since six years, the band is touring through both America and Europe, performing for more and more big and enthousiastic audiences.

In 2007 they will release their fourth album (in November), on Nocturne / Blujazz
Moutin Reunion Quartet receives valuable assistance from the following organizations: 
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