Moutin brothers
photo Axelle du Rouret.

The Moutin Factory Quintet plays Summer Twilight

In May 2019, the


has release its third album



François Moutin -
upright bass
Louis Moutin - drums
Manu Codjia - guitar
Paul Lay - piano
Christophe Monniot - alto & sopranino saxophone

Record company : Labory Jazz

It has been recorded on october 7th 8th and 9th, 2018 at studio Sextan in Malakoff (Paris area)
right after the quintet flew back to France from a US tour following the Mississippi River from
Chicago to New Orleans (Saint Louis, Memphis, Bâton Rouge) before its end in New York City

Find here some french and US press about Mythical River

The quintet is now on the road
to play the new music of Mythical River on stage

They have started in April with another tour in the USA
(Cleveland, OH, New York City, Harrisburg, PA
and Easton, PA (Williams Center for the Arts / Lafayette College)

Back to France in May, the Moutin Factory Quintet has kept touring
appearing in major festivals (
Jazz sous les Pommiers)
and prestigious venues (
Maison de Radio France - Studio 104)


the Moutin Factory Quintet will keep touring
appearing in various festivals and venues, including

Le Phenix (Valenciennes)

the Nîmes Metropole Jazz Festival

the Rhino Jazz Festival

the Nancy Jazz Pulsation

Le Cuvier (Artigues-près Bordeaux)

the London Jazz Festival (Pizza Express Soho)

Le Chorus (Lausanne)

The Moutin Factory Quintet  plays No Human is Illegal

The Moutin Factory Quintet plays Tears and Despair

The Moutin Factory Quintet plays Fight and Anger

The Moutin Factory Quintet plays Forward

The Moutin Factory Quintet plays Echoing


Beside their activities with the Moutin Factory Quintet,
the Moutin brothers together are involved in other projects :

Together with the comedians Axelle du Rouret and Philippe Berodot,
they are creating a music/theater project
that mixes the poetry of the french poet Guillaume Apollinaire
with special music and songs created by the Moutin brothers



A first reading of this show has been presented in Paris on March 31st 2019
at the
New Morning

and also on July 15th 2019 in Avignon during the festival
at the Collège de la Salle

François and Louis Moutin are also artists in residence
at the Festival Rhino Jazz
from November 2018 through October 2019.

Through this year of residence they will lead workshops with
the studens of music schools (St Etienne and Saint Chamond conservatory of music)
and also participate to many jam sessions with some of the best local musicians.
a concert of restitution of this work will be persented at the

Rhino Jazz Festival
October 13th, 2019

The Moutin brothers have also started a collaboration with two wonderfull
young saxophone players

Franck Pilandon - tenor saxophone
Gaspard Baradel - alto saxophone

The quartet that they form together plays compositions by the brothers
and has already appeared in some festivals like Jazz en Tête in Clermont Ferrand.

They will play a concert at the

Rhino Jazz Festival
October 12th, 2019 



Monk's Medley
bass&dms duet by François Moutin & Louis Moutin

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